Uganda Export Promotion Board (UEPB) is a public trade promotion organization established by parliamentary statute no.2 of 1996. It’s regulated and supervised by Ministry of Trade Industry and Cooperatives in Uganda. Its role is to facilitate the development and growth of export trade in Uganda by promoting public awareness, knowledge and appreciation of export, building export capacity and competencies as well as facilitating export transactions.
With the implementation of Electronic Single Window (ESW) in Uganda, Exporters in the country will be required to electronically make submission of export information and documents with a single entry point to fulfill all exports regulation requirements. These therefore means exporters submits information and documents once in the Uganda Electronic Single Window (UESW) and all the regulatory agencies shall be able to access such information and documents .
In this new arrangement, Exporters shall electronically carry out membership registration with UEPB, Renew their Membership status and obtain Preferential Certificate Origin through Uganda Electronic Single Window. This shall save exporters from the repeated requests for the same information and documents by the various regulatory agencies.
These repeated requests had proved cumbersome, costly and a major cause of delay in cross border operations.

1. Logging into UESW system

i. Click on the Asycuda World Logo

ii. Input username and password

2. Applying for Membership

i. The user goes to the document library, click UESW binder, Electronic certificate of Origin, Membership Registration, right click and New

ii. The user the fills in application form as seen below and submit

3. Renewing Membership

Go through the previous steps and find old application. Edit old application and submit.

4. Applying for Certificate of Origin

i. The user clicks on UESW binder, Electronic Certificate of Origin, Preferential Certificate of Origin, New

ii. The user completes in details in form below and submit

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